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The Rochester Chamber of Commerce recently named the “Top 100 Businesses” in its Finger Lakes Region service area.  MRB Group was among those selected for recognition based on a pattern of significant growth over the past three years.  President Ryan Colvin, PE, shared the news with staff and credited them for “MRB Group’s incredible value” to communities across New York State.

MRB Group Management Team, Pictured from Left to Right: William Davis; Ryan Colvin, P.E. (President & CEO);
David Doyle, P.E. (Vice-President); James Oberst, P.E. (Executive Vice-President & COO); Patrick Nicoletta, P.E.; Thomas Caponi, P.E.

“The greatest influence in our tremendous growth has been the needs of our municipal clients,” Colvin explained.  “And it’s you – our team members – who meet that need.  Municipal leaders appreciate the guidance and experience of MRB Group – and the savings, value and added benefits you bring to their communities,” he stated to his staff, praising them for their dedication and hard work on behalf of clients

MRB Group works primarily with local governments, helping community leaders to provide services more effectively and efficiently, and to plan for community development in more strategic ways.

In the last three years, the tremendous expansion in the firm’s menu of services includes increasing the architecture team’s size and specialized capabilities, adding additional planning and economic development services, and significantly increasing the number of staff members who prepare and administer grants, securing much needed funding for communities.  The firm has also further expanded its “SmarterLocalGov” division, adding key personnel with direct municipal operations and local government budget and finance experience.

Currently working with more than 140 communities in New York State, the firm is appointed Term Engineer or Engineer of Record for many, providing a wide range of municipal services that enhance local governments’ capacity to manage operations, services, and critical resources.

“Our growth is client-driven,” said Colvin.  “Our municipal leaders and their staff rely on MRB Group team members to provide a number of services that go well beyond typical engineering and architecture.”

“It’s no surprise that MRB Group is among the Top 100,” said Canandaigua Town Manager Doug Finch.  He has worked with MRB Group since he took the reins as the town’s Development Director in 2014.  When Finch was selected to lead as Town Manager, MRB Group stepped in to provide interim planning services, supporting his staff on an as-needed basis.  That arrangement is still in place.

“MRB Group’s contractual support was a perfect way to accommodate the Town’s needs at a savings,” Finch stated.  “The as-needed approach provided a level of service that was flexible and always ‘right-sized’, with experienced personnel from MRB Group answering resident needs at a lower cost than filling the position with a full-time employee,” he said.

MRB Group has also served as the Town’s primary engineer for a number of years, and assisted with the design and construction management of its award-winning highway facility.  “We trust MRB Group to bring us innovative approaches and to help us excel at what we do,” Finch said.

Colvin says that the firm’s combination of capabilities and on-call availability of enhanced services will likely continue to drive the future growth of MRB Group.

“Our community leaders must respond to the challenging and ever-changing conditions in New York State.   These include escalating environmental threats and regulatory requirements.  We have evolved, professionally and organizationally in order to help them meet those challenges.” said Colvin.  “There’s no doubt we will continue to grow at an accelerated pace,” he said.

“We’re proud of the recognition from the Rochester Chamber of Commerce,” Colvin continued.  “Thanks to a progressive business environment in the Rochester area, and the fact that the Finger Lakes region is an outstanding place to live and work, we are able to attract and retain high caliber, talented team members who excel at the top of their fields,” he stated.

“We will continue to support the Rochester and Finger Lakes community, and help our local governments thrive,” Colvin stated, inviting those interested in that effort to consider joining the MRB Group team.  “We are always looking for talented, innovative team members who want to make a difference!”


For more information about MRB Group and its community support focus, visit www.mrbgroup.com.