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Emilio Moran, CE II

Luke Bailey, CE II

Alyssa Benjamin-Trego, CE II

Burak Tuncer, CE II

Matt McKenna, Senior Civil Engineer

Aaron Bissell, Construction Manager

Taher Kamruddin, CE III

Crystal Cowen, Architect I

Maggie Nearing, Architect III

MRB Group President Ryan Colvin, PE, recently announced the significant promotions and advancements of several members of the firm’s professional team.

“We’re proud of our team members and their achievements,” said Colvin, who referenced MRB Group’s tradition of giving promotions to those who take steps to advance their professional certifications or licenses, as well as to those who provide exemplary service.

Nine individuals at MRB Group received promotions going into 2020 as a result.  Colvin says his management team recognizes individuals who excel, and appreciates their personal motivation as a demonstration of leadership.

Those receiving promotions include Emilio Moran, earning designation at MRB Group as a Civil Engineer II; Luke Bailey, also earning Civil Engineer II; Alyssa Benjamin-Trego, now Civil Engineer II; Burak Tuncer, now Civil Engineer II; Matt McKenna, receiving Senior Civil Engineer; Taher Kamruddin, Civil Engineer III; Aaron Bissell, Construction Manager; Crystal Cowen earning Architect I; and Maggie Nearing, receiving promotion to Architect III.

Colvin says that he believes that promotions are earned through hard work, and are symbolic of an individual’s potential for growth.  “They are not just an automatic year-to-year step,” he stated.

“At MRB Group, our succession planning is a long-term, multi-year endeavor with projections that reach at least a decade ahead of where we are now.  We’re looking for signs of leadership potential, and fostering those skills in our team members today — so they will be ready when it’s time for the next generation to take the helm tomorrow,” said Colvin.

What that translates into, according to Colvin, is opportunity.  Talent recruited to work at MRB Group can find career paths that could even lead them to the management team as President or Chief Operating Officer.

“I started at MRB Group as a first year Engineer.  Today, as President, I lead a team of 100 talented engineers, architects, planners, technical experts, grant writers, and construction administrators that each contribute to the success of MRB Group,” said Colvin.

“My story proves that there is no limit to where a career path at MRB Group can take you,” Colvin said.

MRB Group has served communities and their leaders for more than 90 years, providing engineering, architecture, and municipal services.  Some local governments have worked with the firm and its engineering and planning teams for over 50 consecutive years.

MRB Group team members currently assist 150 communities with day-to-day operations, including long term planning and engineering for maintenance of critical assets like water and wastewater treatment, support for public works services, and architecture for rehabilitation of public facilities.  MRB Group’s support for municipal operations includes strategic and capital planning, planning board services, and both community and economic development.   More information can be found at www.mrbgroup.com and at www.smarterlocalgov.com .