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Recently named to Rochester’s 2020 Top 100 List of businesses in the region, MRB Group has been in a growth pattern for several years. President Ryan T. Colvin, PE, today announced yet another expansion of the Rochester staff to include three new support team members.

Robin Palmer

Robin Palmer, Marcie Ghysel, and Erin Albert have all recently joined the MRB Group team. According to Colvin, each of the three new staff members will contribute a “key administrative role” that enables the entire team to stay focused on municipal services.

“We’re growing – and getting stronger – in response to the needs of our communities,” said Colvin. “Local governments rely on our help through these trying times,” he said. “We are steadfast in our commitment. If that means adding team members and expertise, we will do what it takes to support our community leaders and help them serve their residents to the best of their abilities,” he stated.

Robin Palmer, a former Division Manager for a national waterworks supply distributor, will be supporting business management processes and assist with client communications when needed. “Robin is a versatile administrative specialist and understands water resource management,” Colvin said. “She will provide critical support to the management and accounting teams, and to our engineers in preparation of reports for clients.”

Marcie Ghysel

A former Financial Analyst and Human Resources Administrator, Marcie Ghysel joined MRB Group to support its business administration, working directly with the accounting and management teams. She will be ensuring the level of detail in MRB Group’s day-to-day financial management that client-communities rely upon for accurate record keeping and municipal accounting.
“With her financial background, Marcie’s assistance is critical to providing immediate responsiveness to clients and providing key information to support local government leaders in their efforts to promote transparency,” Colvin said.

Erin Albert will work with the firm’s Business Development team, preparing documentation in response to requests for information, qualifications, estimates, and proposals for projects.

“As a communication specialist, Erin will contribute strongly to our first contact with prospective clients and communities. Her skills are critical because, as they say, you only have one chance to make a first impression,” Colvin stated.

Erin Albert

Colvin explained his belief in the importance of providing team members with personal and professional growth that mirrors the firm’s expansion.  “We have built our tremendous staff resources through mentoring at MRB Group, so that our growth happens both at the team- and individual-level. We provide cross training so that team members can assist in many areas and personally develop new skill sets. But first and foremost, they are among the best in their field in a core expertise,” Colvin continued. “Then they grow within the firm,” he stated.

“We’re proud to be continuing our expansion in Rochester and across New York State,” Colvin said. “The net effect of this growth is enhancement of professional skills and advancement among our team members, added resources across our teams, and ultimately, better service for our clients,” he concluded.

An engineering and architecture firm that specializes in municipal services, MRB Group has worked with communities throughout the Finger Lakes since 1927. It has evolved from a small engineering team to a staff of more than 100 team members, providing a full range of engineering, architecture, and municipal services to support and strengthen local governments across the state. The firm currently works with more than 150 cities, towns, villages, and counties supporting operations and assisting with long term strategic planning, municipal planning board support, and economic development services. MRB Group assists with a variety of public works functions, provides architecture for rehabilitation of public facilities, and works closely with municipal leaders and staff to preserve and maintain critical community infrastructure, like water and wastewater systems.