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Town of West Bloomfield Supervisor Todd Campbell and his fellow board members were recently joined by Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb and Senator Rich Funke, Cameron Sitarek of CamcoGeneral Contracting, and both Town Engineer Paul Chatfield and Architect Scott Bova from MRB Group, to break ground on a new community town hall.

Slated for completion before the end of the year, the $1.2 million dollar project will provide a new facility for residents of the Town of West Bloomfield, whose current town services are provided from a cramped, double-wide trailer placed in a temporary location.

The new facility will provide approximately 3900 square feet, and address Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines, increased energy efficiency, privacy for residents, and sufficient space and resources for staff to provide day-to-day services.  The new space also addresses current problems with safety and security deficiencies (personnel & records storage), limited parking, an inadequate septic system, and limited space for the Town Board to meet.

MRB Group, an engineering and architecture firm specializing in municipal support, assisted the Town in an evaluation of options, and followed an extensive programming process to determine staff and resident needs.  Among several considerations was the pattern of growth experienced by West Bloomfield in recent years, along with increasing demands for Town services.

With a focus on anticipated growth to come, along with its projected impacts on the staff, MRB Group’s team recommended a new building and relocation of town services.  Architect Scott Bova and his team designed space with an affordable array of significant upgrades to better support the Town’s services to residents, while keeping the cost within the Town’s budgetary constraints.

To be called the West Bloomfield Community Town Hall, the single story building will be built using wood frame construction utilizing vinyl siding, an asphalt shingle roof, and efficient  interior finishes. The design incorporates energy savings and low-maintenance exterior finishes, as well as a high-efficiency HVAC system, to reduce long-term operational costs.

The facility will boast a Community Room and Board Room that will allow for multiple public uses for seniors, Scouts, youth groups, and other community organizations.  The space is designed to provide space for future expansion when necessary.

According to Town Supervisor Campbell, the Community Town Hall project would not have been possible were it not for the support of local state legislators.  Minority Assembly Leader Brian Kolb was successful in securing $100,000 towards the project, while Senator Rich Funke was also successful in securing $250,000 through the New York State Senate.

“We are grateful for the support of our legislators, who truly made this project feasible for West Bloomfield,” said Campbell.

“On behalf of the citizens of West Bloomfield, we thank Senator Rich Funke and Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb for their support in building a new Community Town Hall.  The new facility will allow us to better serve residents. We are excited to get this project underway,” he said.

“As the architect and engineer working with many communities throughout Ontario County, MRB Group is deeply rooted here.  We’re pleased to help West Bloomfield plan for the future and make a smart investment in improved services,” said Ryan Colvin, President of MRB Group.

“We are excited to participate in such an important project.  This Community Town Hall will benefit not only residents, but the organizations in the community that make West Bloomfield a great place to live and do business” Paul Chatfield, P.E. said.  He has worked with the Town of West Bloomfield as Town Engineer over the past 20 years.

The new facility will be located just north of where the current staff conducts its operations.   The location was strategically chosen to put the Community Town Hall adjacent to Michael Prouty Park, property owned by the Town.  The adjacent parking lot will be shared between the two town parcels, resulting in less area to maintain, mow, and plow – another savings for residents.

“The design of the new Community Town Hall focused on both needs and incorporated cost-saving efficiencies wherever possible,” said Bova.

“I’m proud to have secured a grant that is helping make the new Town Hall in West Bloomfield a reality,” said Senator Rich Funke (R-C-I, Fairport).  “This project has taken a long road to come to fruition and I want to congratulate Supervisor Todd Campbell and his Board for their determination and perseverance. This is a great example of what can be accomplished with State and Local governments work together on behalf of taxpayers,” Funke said.

“It was an honor to join Supervisor Campbell, other representatives from the Town of West Bloomfield, Senator Rich Funke, and numerous friends and colleagues, to ceremoniously break ground at the site of their new town hall on Daylight Drive.  Known as the Western Gateway to Ontario County, West Bloomfield is a proud community with a rich history that is celebrated by its residents,” said Assembly Minority Leader Brian M. Kolb (R,C-Canandaigua).

“The town has been in need of a new, permanent facility for a very long time, and I’m proud to have helped to secure funds on their behalf. The new town hall facility will afford the town’s leaders and residents with a space suited to accommodate official business and community-related events for years to come,” Leader Kolb concluded.