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Charleston, SC Interns
Nathan Henigan (Left)
Clara Cullum (Right)

Rochester, NY Intern
Alli Presutti

Rochester, NY Interns
Zachary Isaman (Left)
Paul Sofinski (Right)

Again named to Rochester’s Top 100 List of businesses in the region, MRB Group’s rapid growth has equated with multiple additions to the firm’s staff.  According to President Ryan T. Colvin, PE, the most beneficial source of top talent and energy is the firm’s Internship Program, tapping engineering students who are nearing completion of their competitive educational careers and looking for hands-on field experience.

“Our partnerships with educational institutions continue to serve as the most reliable resource for highly qualified candidates to join the MRB Group team,” said Colvin.

“We are consistently impressed with the high-caliber, skilled and talented personnel we have acquired as a result of integrating internships with our professional teams,” Colvin stated, noting that MRB Group has traditionally worked with students from a number of institutions including State University of New York (SUNY) schools, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), Clarkson University, Alfred Tech, and many others in New York State, and recently expanding that list to include institutions in South Carolina, such as Clemson and The Citadel.

“One of the many incentives we offer interns is the opportunity to work side-by-side with professionals who are at the top of their game,” Colvin said.  “They can also participate in our company-wide mentoring and continuing education programming,” Colvin continued.  “A series of lunch-and-learn sessions are just one way we keep the entire team engaged,” he stated.  “We encourage life-long learning and professional growth at MRB Group.”

For the summer of 2023, MRB Group has selected five students to receive paid internships in the firm’s Rochester, NY, and Charleston, SC, offices.  In Rochester, Zachary Isaman is a Civil Engineering Intern, and is currently a student at SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry in the Environmental Resources Engineering program.  Paul Sofinski is also a Civil Engineering Intern, recently received his Civil Engineering A.S. at Monroe Community College and is attending the SUNY University at Buffalo in the fall. Alli Presutti, a student at the SUNY University at Buffalo studying Architecture, will work with MRB Group’s expanding design team.

In the Charleston office, Clara Cullum will support a variety of administrative and organizational consulting services, and be mentored by the growing strategic planning team.  She is a student at Clemson University studying Economics.  Also performing his internship in Charleston is Nathan Henigan, who currently studies Civil Engineering at The Citadel.  He will be working closely with MRB Group’s engineering team on a number of projects.

“We look forward to seeing what each of these outstanding students can achieve,” Colvin said.  “The opportunity to learn in a competitive and dynamic atmosphere is a tremendous benefit to students.  At the same time, the MRB Group team gets to work with enthusiastic and energetic individuals who have recent training in emerging technologies and a strong desire to contribute with innovation,” he said.  “It’s a win-win situation for our team, for clients, and for the engineering industry as a whole,” he concluded.

An engineering and architecture firm that specializes in strategic planning and comprehensive approaches to sustainability and growth, MRB Group has worked with communities since 1927.  The MRB Group team supports local governments as well as health care and educational institutions that community members rely upon.

With a wide range of services, the firm currently serves more than 150 cities, towns, villages, and counties, assisting with grant writing, long term planning, development reviews, planning board support, and economic development services.  MRB Group also routinely assists public-serving organizations and institutions with a variety of operational functions and support, including civil engineering and architecture for rehabilitation or redesign of facilities.  The team works closely with leaders and staff to preserve and maintain critical infrastructure that helps communities to grow and thrive.