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The Rochester Chamber of Commerce recently named   the “Top 100” businesses in its Finger Lakes Region  service area for 2021 and once again, MRB Group is among those selected for recognition.

President & CEO Ryan Colvin, PE, shared the announcement  and credited his team members for the firm’s continued growth in the past three years, the basis for the competitive designation.

“We are honored to share this distinction among Rochester’s fastest growing companies,” said Colvin.  “It’s an even more significant accomplishment given the tremendous challenges businesses have faced over the past 18 months,” he continued, referencing the devastating impacts of COVID-19.

“This award speaks to the region’s perseverance.  It’s a story of strength and resilience.  First and foremost, I want to thank MRB Group’s dedicated team members who helped our communities face the challenge by stepping up, working hard, and serving our clients’ needs,” Colvin stated.

“It’s especially rewarding when an organization like the Rochester Chamber of Commerce recognizes that effort, and honors its businesses.  All of us contribute to the fabric of Greater Rochester – what makes the area thrive.  Together we make Rochester and the Finger Lakes strong, beautiful, and a great place to live and work,” he said.

MRB Group is a municipal services firm.  Providing engineering, architecture, and planning, MRB Group team members work primarily with local governments, helping community leaders to provide essential services more effectively and efficiently, and to plan for community development in more strategic ways.

In addition to tremendous growth over the past three years in the firm’s architecture and engineering teams and services, MRB Group has continued to expand on its SmarterLocalGov division, providing an array of enhanced services to community leaders, including economic development services, grant writing and administration, and utilization of GIS, as well as data analysis to support municipal operations.

Currently working with more than 140 communities in New York State, the firm is appointed Term Engineer or Engineer of Record for many, providing a wide range of municipal services that enhance local governments and their capacity to manage and preserve critical resources.

This year marks the Rochester Chamber of Commerce’s 35th annual recognition of businesses with a “Top 100” designation, listing the fastest-growing, privately owned companies in the Rochester and Finger Lakes region.  The Chamber will reveal rankings at an awards ceremony on November 4.

Greater Rochester Chamber President and CEO Bob Duffy said, “The Greater Rochester Chamber Top

100 program serves as the perfect illustration that Rochester has indeed moved from a company town of a few major employers to a place made up of industry from every sector. This year we are excited to see a strong cross-section of well-established companies and startups competing for a coveted spot on the list. The 2021 Greater Rochester Chamber Top 100 companies employ close to 67,000 people and reported total revenue of over $14 billion in the most recent fiscal year. The economic impact generated by these businesses has real and lasting influence on our community, and we are proud to have them in our region.”

Colvin says that his firm’s combination of municipal experience, capabilities, and on-call availability to clients will likely continue to drive the future growth of MRB Group. He is confident that its trajectory will keep the firm on the “Top 100” list.

“We will continue to support Rochester and Finger Lakes communities, and help our local governments get more accomplished,” Colvin stated, inviting those interested in that effort to consider joining the MRB Group team.  “We are always looking for talented, innovative team members who want to make a difference!”