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MRB Group President Ryan Colvin, PE, recently announced that Jordan Everhart has joined the firm’s SmarterLocalGov team. A certified professional planner, Everhart will be assisting MRB Group clients in the Central Texas region.

“We seek out individuals who are leaders in their field of expertise, and are fortunate that Jordan chose to join MRB Group,” said Colvin.

“As an engineering, architecture and planning firm serving local governments, we take a different approach,” Colvin continued. “We integrate planning expertise into our engineering and architecture, which is why more communities appoint us annually to work with their teams. Jordan’s background clearly shows a strong focus on serving community needs, especially surrounding growth and development, and he’s a perfect fit with the mission of the SmarterLocalGov team,” Colvin said.

Everhart holds certifications with the American Institute of Certified Planners and as a Project Management Professional. He also is pre-certified in a number of transportation- and land-planning practices by the Texas Department of Transportation. His formal educational centered on Emergency Administration and Disaster Planning, giving him a unique perspective on critical planning in the municipal arena and how it affects operations. With 17 years of hands-on experience, his projects have transformed communities and increased their attractiveness for growth and investment.

“I chose MRB Group because I was really intrigued by the concept of directly supporting local governments as an extension of their staff,” said Everhart. “Most municipal leaders have few financial or personnel resources. SmarterLocalGov is about bringing both good information and innovation to the equation in an affordable manner. The tools that MRB Group can give community leaders can amplify their ability to target positive growth and achieve more,” he added. “I want to be a part of that.”

Whether micro-planning for day-to-day activities, looking at economic development opportunities, or creating sweeping master plans, Jordan says his access to specialized data, team resources and experience is available on an on-call basis, and can give municipal managers an advantage in tackling challenges.

“It would be extremely rewarding to guide communities as they create realistic, foundational plans for growth and stability, and then to help them put those plans into action,” he stated.

“Jordan’s capabilities are broad – and include strategic planning practices that help directors and leaders sort out the toughest problems,” added Colvin. “He can also foster strong community engagement, a critical but often overlooked component in the success of plan implementation,” he said.

“At MRB Group, our planning is not about lofty theories or dust-collecting documentation, it’s about helping leaders get things accomplished. We look forward to introducing Jordan to our clients and making his talent and experience available to their communities,” Colvin continued. “He will be a tremendous resource,” he concluded.

MRB Group has served communities throughout Central Texas as well as in other states for more than 90 years, providing engineering, architecture, and municipal services to support and strengthen local governments and public utility services. The firm currently works with more than 150 cities, towns, villages, counties and municipal utility districts, providing long term strategic planning and economic development services, as well as assisting with management of critical resources and day-to-day operations like water and wastewater treatment. MRB Group supports a variety of public works functions, provides architecture for maintenance and rehabilitation of public facilities, and advises municipal staff and planning boards to support strategic community and economic development.