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VILLAGE OF WAVERLY, N.Y. (WENY) — Improvements are coming to the Village of Waverly’s downtown. People in the community shared their ideas on enhancing the area. 

Today’s open house was about the future for the people in the Village of Waverly. MRB’s economic development team said the plans for downtown are nearly complete. MRB’s Director of Economic Development, Michael N’dolo, said July 29, 2022, will most likely be the final date for the planning process.

“We want the community’s input to see what needs to change downtown to make it more attractive, to get more businesses downtown, to get more people downtown and we’re interested in looking at how to get more visitors here…to really make Waverly known as a destination,” he said.  

N’dolo is the head of the redevelopment plan for Broad Street downtown. He said the future plans will require funding from the Village of Waverly’s board and resources, along with the help of New York State grants.

“We’re talking somewhere between four and eight million dollars…would be roughly where we’re at,” he said.  

Today, locals came together to share their ideas. N’dolo said the planning is not done yet and there is still time to finalize ideas and plans. People can contact the Village’s clerk, submit their comments to the town’s official website and reach out to members of MRB.

WENY NEWS Wednesday, June 15th 2022
By Alexandra Deryn