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MRB Group President and CEO Ryan Colvin, PE, recently announced that Eric Hankin has joined the firm’s team in Rochester, NY. An expert in marketing and digital media, Hankin will be working closely with MRB Group’s engineers, architects and planners, assisting with stronger utilization of digital media for both marketing and municipal client services.

“As MRB Group continues to grow, so does the need for continual advancement in our communication and outreach,” Colvin stated. “Our clients have similar needs. We are confident that Eric will help bring all of us to the next level,” said Colvin.


A graduate of the State University of New York College at Cortland, Eric pursued a career in digital marketing. For the past eleven years, he has served as a Marketing Account Executive directly supporting clients, providing expertise and overseeing day to day digital communications, search engine optimization and related operations.

Hankin will work alongside several teams at MRB Group, helping to incorporate digital and social media tools in order to promote improved communication and engagement.

“In this digital era, Eric can provide his unique skills and expertise to support community leaders who are launching important development initiatives and want to keep their residents informed,” Colvin continued.

Hankin added that he was impressed with MRB Group’s use of project websites and social media to foster community engagement. “I wanted to help support use of digital media to help communities grow,” said Hankin.

“When utilized to its full advantage, MRB Group’s use of digital media can enhance communication with municipal leaders looking for resources to help them serve their residents. It can also provide a very efficient and effective means of receiving information and feedback from community members in return,” Hankin stated.

“It’s a two-way street – and the traffic both ways is beneficial to improved decision making for municipal leaders,” he added., “Eric will allow us to expand our communication and information sharing to include all kinds of emerging technologies, including use of video and 3D imaging, on the web,” Colvin said.

“We are delighted to have Eric Join us,” Colvin continued. “He is an accomplished marketing leader with project management skills. He is a natural fit to help elevate the firm’s proactive use of digital media.”

MRB Group is an engineering, architecture and planning firm that specializes in municipal support. The firm currently assists more than 150 cities, towns, villages, and counties with design and operational support for public works functions, architecture for rehabilitation of public facilities, and asset management to preserve and maintain critical community infrastructure, like water and wastewater systems. MRB Group also provides long term strategic planning, development reviews and planning board support, as well as economic development services in an effort to strengthen and support local governments and their leadership.