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Four Town Economic Development

Inter-Municipal Water Project

As town engineer for four adjacent communities located in two counties in the Finger Lakes, MRB Group facilitated a collaborative, multi-jurisdictional project to address a public safety issue, create critical water infrastructure, and generate economic development opportunities in an area targeted for growth.

Residents living in the vicinity of the intersections of Routes 96 and 14, near the New York State Thruway, faced increasing levels of contaminants in their well water supply.

Bringing water infrastructure to the area was previously not affordable to the four towns, when traditional construction methods were considered.

MRB Group worked closely with each of the four Town Supervisors and their highway and water teams to find an alternative approach.   By joining efforts and utilizing on-staff talent and labor,  the towns created collaborative purchasing power and planned an improvement project that would impact 300 properties.

The project includes 15.5 miles of water mains and a new pump station to maintain pressure in the system under high flow conditions (i.e fire flow).   A fifth municipality, the Village of Waterloo joined in the project to supply water to the area, via the new pump station.

MRB Group provided project design and extensive coordination to allow the towns to share personnel, equipment, and joint bidding processes for directional drilling.  The project was designed to span multiple seasons and budget years to ease the impact on Town forces.  MRB Group also assisted with the formation of necessary District/Water Improvement Areas.

The coordinated intermunicipal cooperation saved an estimated $2.5 million, when compared to traditional construction for similar projects.

The project brings critically needed water infrastructure to approximately 800 residents, 300 properties, and will foster growth in an area targeted by the Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council.  It also proves that collaborative projects work well under strong leadership.