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Trumansburg Water Treatment System

Trumansburg is a Village in Upstate New York, located just north of the City of Ithaca.  MRB Group provided engineering design services and construction phase services for the Village of Trumansburg Well and Water System Improvement Project, a result of deteriorating infrastructure – most significantly the Village’s sole independent source, a well in need of redevelopment. 

 The project included a new connection to water supply wells located within nearby Taughannock Falls State Park, creating a new supply source for the Village water system.

 MRB Group completed a Project Engineering Report (PER) which was submitted to the New York State Department of Health (DOH) for regulatory approval.  The report was also reviewed by the State Environmental Facilities Corporation (EFC), an agency which provides funding for water projects.

 The PER provided planning information for the project, an analysis of alternatives, and a scope and cost estimate for the overall project. MRB design work included:

 Two new water supply wells with capacities of 300 gpm and 500 gpm

  • An expansion of the existing State Park treatment building to include new chlorination facilities
  • Renovation of the existing State Park ground storage tank to include tank mixing, upgrades to meet new standards and new interior coatings.
  • A new booster pump station to pump water from the State Park tank to the Village water system
  • Approximately 18,000 linear feet (about 3.5 miles) of new water lines connecting the wells, treatment building, new pump station and the Village water system

 MRB Group’s PER and assistance to the Village resulted in substantial project support from the EFC in the form of interest-free financing.