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Town of Wolcott – FEMA Emergency Funding

MRB Group assisted the Town of Wolcott in securing disaster relief funding made available by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  Emergency relief was provided to communities located on the shore of Lake Ontario following flooding that posed a threat to the health and safety of residents.

 During the 2017 incident, Lake Ontario’s water levels rose well beyond normal barriers and affected shorelines and roads, potentially threatening infrastructure in the Town of Wolcott.

 The Town responded by locating, filling and delivering sandbags to a centralized staging areas for residents to protect their homes and property.  

 MRB Group assisted the town in securing reimbursement funding to offset the substantial costs incurred for labor, equipment and materials.

 MRB Group’s services included:

  • Reviewing and establishing eligibility for program funding
  • Facilitating the “Exploratory Call” with FEMA, State, and local officials
  • Facilitating a required “Recovery Scoping Meeting” and providing client advocacy
  • Setup of the Town’s FEMA online portal access account for project administration
  • Preparing supporting documentation, establishing funding justification, addressing insurance, administrative, and legal requirements
  • Managing reimbursement processes specific to emergency work
  • Completion of the final project report, review, and project “close-out” submission on behalf of the Town.