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Student Development Center, NTID at Rochester Institute of Technology

Rochester, NY

The Student Development Center has been designed to enhance NTID’s role as a provider of a high-quality education and career enhancement for the deaf and hearing impaired. The functional requirements of the Center include teaching, working, and social spaces for use by individuals at the college. The Student Development Center is the center point for student activity at NTID and is strategically located between classroom spaces and the dining hall. Spaces have been developed which encourage student interaction, impromptu meetings, and learning outside of the classroom. The building acts not only as a link between two buildings, but as an opportunity to link students with other students, with resources, and with undiscovered talents within themselves.


Design of a space that is 100% student focused.


AIA Rochester Design Award


Rochester Institute of Technology


Higher Education




Trevor Harrison, Kate Anderson


22,000 SF


Architectural Design, Architectural Interiors, Prioject Management

It was inspiring to collaborate with the community at NTID to create a student space to encourage and enhance a multitude of student interactions. The design of building allowed for great sight-lines so deaf students could be visually connected with peers throughout the spaces.

Kate Anderson

“This building is an important part of our college life. Thank you to CSD for making our dream a reality. I cannot imagine where we might be if this building never existed. It truly means a lot to us.”

Corey Burton, President of NTID Student Congress