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Town of Phelps Highway Facility

Project: Architecture, Engineering, Site Development

Client: Town of Phelps

Contact: Maggie Nearing, A.I.A.

Description: In need of a new Highway Garage Facility, the Town of Phelps sought MRB Group to replace an existing 70 year-old Highway Garage that was undersized, outdated, and partly damaged from a past fire. The new facility was programmed and developed to meet current and projected future needs. MRB Group was retained to provide architectural, site design (including site plan studies) and structural engineering services.

Through collaboration with the Committee, and Town and Highway representatives, the facility was planned as a new 14,000 s.f. structure incorporating 10 garage bays, a repair bay, offices, break room, locker room, storage areas and mezzanine. The building was designed as a pre-engineered structure with a masonry block base.