Newark Wastewater Treatment Plant

Following notification by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), the Village wastewater treatment plant, sanitary collection system, and discharge system were in need of upgrades to meet regulatory requirements.  MRB Group was retained by the Village to address environmental and public health risks and to mitigate potential future violations.  In 2009, MRB Group began evaluation of all existing wastewater infrastructure, and prepared an engineering report detailing conditions and recommending improvements.

 The report served as the basis for a comprehensive improvement plan initiated by the Village in 2010.  Significant components of the plan included: 

  • Upgrades and expansion to the wastewater treatment plant
  • Replacement and/or rehabilitation of the plant outfall
  • Replacement and/or relining of sections of the sanitary collection system most susceptible to inflow and infiltration (I&I) problems
  • Replacement of the East Newark Pump Station
  • Asset management strategies to ensure long-term viability of the system

 MRB Group provided topographical surveys and base maps, and facilitated a geotechnical review, required for improvements to the plant outfall and for sewer rehabilitation.  The plan relocated discharge of the plant’s treated effluent from Ganargua Creek to the Erie Canal – a shorter and more accessible outfall route – and included rehabilitation of more than 20,000 linear feet (lf) of sewers.


MRB Group utilized smoke-testing and video technology to determine locations of direct stormwater inflow, e.g. catch basins, unsealed manholes, etc., and locations suitable for slip-lining or spot sewer replacement.  The anticipated significant I & I reduction will also reduce operational expenses and costs to community residents.


MRB Group’s responsibilities included coordinating several of the Village’s outstanding permits and approvals with federal and state regulatory agencies, and provided the Village with technical assistance to secure external funding for the project.