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Village of Hamilton Wastewater Treatment Facility

Village of Hamilton Wastewater Treatment Facility

Project: Wastewater

Client: Village of Hamilton, NY

Contact: Bill Davis

Description: Facing significant changes to their State Pollution Discharge Elimination System (SPDES) permit levels and more stringent effluent requirements due to the Chesapeake Bay Watershed TMDL, the Village of Hamilton selected MRB Group to evaluate the existing wastewater treatment plant and provide recommendations for improvements.

MRB Group found that the new effluent limits would limit the plant capacity to the current flow and not allow any further capacity for future growth. While meeting the current permit limits, Hamilton’s existing treatment processes were also inadequate to sufficiently treat for Total Phosphorus and Total Nitrogen.

MRB Group recommended a new design for the Hamilton WWTP that provides for the new limits and allow for the system’s capacity to serve Hamilton’s growing needs.

With assistance from MRB Group, funding for the project was secured through NYS EFC with a 0% interest loan.