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Town of Waterloo Code Updates and Development Regulations

The Town of Waterloo had not reviewed and updated existing town codes in regards to land use and development for a number of years.

 Working closely with the town’s appointed legal representative, MRB Group researched inconsistencies within the town code, as well as best practices employed by other similar municipal entities. 

 Specific issues emerged and a number of updates to the town codes were recommended to address topics including:

  • Clay mines
  • Rubbish / landfills
  • Hydro-fracking
  • Puppy mills
  • Agricultural uses
  • Setbacks

 MRB Group worked with the Town’s Planning and Zoning Boards to assess the frequency of variance and special permit requests. 

 An objective and thorough process was created for evaluation of requests, as well as review of site plans for proposed developments.

 For connections to public utilities, or extensions which may someday become public infrastructure, minimum standards were established for materials and installation, as well as compliance with NYS DEC requirements for stormwater management and green infrastructure.

 MRB Group’s recommended improvements to the process resulted in creation of a published book, Guide to Development in the Town of Waterloo.  This helpful resource serves as a reference for residents, but more importantly serves as a guide for developers, streamlining the review process with detailed instructions, checklists, contacts, and a clear understanding of the expectations of the reviewing boards with jurisdiction over development in the town.