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Belmont Wastewater Treatment Facility

Belmont Wastewater Treatment Facility

Project: Wastewater

Client: Village of Belmont, NY

Contact: Bill Davis

Description: The Village of Belmont needed comprehensive upgrades to its wastewater treatment plant and system components.  The existing Trickling Filter style wastewater treatment plant was built in the early 1970s.  Not only was its capacity of .155 million gallons per day insufficient for the Village, but the plant was unable to meet recent state standards for effluent.

MRB Group recommended that the Village replace the existing treatment process with a sequencing batch reactor (SBR) process to increase capacity (to .215 MGD) and provide higher quality effluent. Designed by MRB Group, new infrastructure to the existing facility included: concrete SBR systems, influent building structure, aerobic digesters, ultra-violet (UV) disinfection system.