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Operational Efficiency

Service Delivery Analysis/Troubleshooting — Internal/Functional Consolidations — Alternative Methodologies
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Grants / Funding

Grant Research and Writing — Engineering Support — Grant Administration — Reimbursement Management
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Planning Board Support

Site Plan Reviews — Land Use, Zoning, & Code Updates — Environmental Impact Analysis / Reports — Long-Term Infrastructure Plans — Capital Improvement Plans / Project Development — Renewable Energy Services

GIS Technology

Needs Assessments — GIS Implementation, Technical Support and Training — GIS Infrastructure Mapping — Fire District Mapping — Tax Mapping — Customized Applications

SmarterLocalGov Community

Local Government Resources — Networking and Communication among Local Government Leaders — Alerts and Opportunities

Economic Development

Strategic Planning — Market Analysis — Real Estate Development Support — Cost Benefit Analysis For Incentive Programming

Comprehensive Plans

Community Comprehensive Plans — Multi-Year Capital Plans — Asset / Resource Management — Succession Plans

Consolidation / Shared Services

Operational Efficency Analysis — Consolidation Studies/Plans — Shared Facilities 

Municipal Asset Management

System Maintenance Cost Analysis — Utilization of Technologies — Workflow Analysis — Rate Studies — Budgeting/Fiscal Sustainability

SmarterLocalGov was created by MRB Group to strengthen and support local governments. Team members include former community leaders and operations directors with hands-on experience and expertise to help improve municipal operations.

Municipal Construction - Rochester, NY
Local Government Construction - Rochester, NY

SmarterLocalGov services help municipal leaders increase their management capacity, implement best practices, and utilize data for improved decision-making.

SmarterLocalGov in the community

To learn more about SmarterLocalGov municipal services, please contact our office.