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Canandaigua Local Development Corporation

MRB Group’s strong background in local government management, and a record of performance in economic development, made our Local Government Services team uniquely qualified to assist the Canandaigua Local Development Corporation in their start-up phase.

 MRB Group is guiding the organization through New York State’s regulatory landscape for local public authorities and developing governance groundwork to ensure a strong step forward as an economic development organization.

 The Canandaigua community has embarked on a thoughtful approach toward shared services in economic development in forming a multijurisdictional Local Development Corporation (LDC). Joining forces between the two municipalities creates scale, market power, and efficiency that will ensure economic success for the community when the tool is fully engaged.

 In order to address the Canandaigua Local Development Corporation’s near-term priorities, MRB Group is leading the Canandaigua LDC Board of Directors in a series of formative activities:

  • Policy Facilitation: Deploying our broad experience in the start-up of similar agencies, MRB Group developed a series of model policies to ensure that the Board is in compliance with New York State regulations and in alignment with best practices for Board operations.
  • Strategic Guidance: In order to advance to steady state operations, MRB Group facilitated a Board retreat to develop a set of strategic imperatives and a near term work plan to serve as a roadmap for Board performance in the coming years.
  • Board Development and Governance: In addition to the development of Board policies, MRB Group is creating the groundwork for Board and committee operations and bringing all Board members into compliance relative to State-mandated training.
  • Board Meeting Facilitation: MRB Group supports Board leadership in the development and distribution of agendas, meeting minutes, financial reports, and reporting/posting requirements.