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Armand Hunt, P.E.

Saleel Mohidekar, P.E., PMP

MRB Group President and CEO Ryan Colvin, PE, joins Temple Operations Manager Trey Taylor, P.E., to announce the addition of two accomplished professional engineers who will expand the firm’s client focus across Texas.

Saleel Mohideckar, P.E., PMP, and Armand Hunt, P.E., have joined the MRB Group Engineering team in Texas.  According to Taylor, the firm’s rapid growth reflects a solid commitment to meeting local community needs.

“We’re responding to the demand for expertise by expanding our teams with A-listers,” said Taylor.

Saleel Mohidekar, P.E., PMP, brings more than 20 years of design and project management experience across markets, including commercial, municipal, educational and healthcare facilities.  Mohidekar has contributed to the region’s complex multi-million dollar infrastructure and community initiatives as a structure engineer. His portfolio includes more than 500 projects.

“Saleel’s training as a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) gives him additional knowledge and experience that clients will appreciate,” said Taylor.

According to Mohideckar, it was MRB Group’s reputation for serving as a partner to clients that attracted him.

“I see relationships built on trust and respect, and I look forward to building on that tradition through excellent service at every stage of the projects I am involved with,” said Mohideckar.

Armand Hunt, P.E., brings more than seven years of experience in water and wastewater projects to MRB Group.  Complementing MRB’s core services, hunt has served as a project engineer responsible for presenting clients with detailed analyses, innovative design, and effective solutions to challenges.

“What’s most critical is understanding the needs of a community,” said Hunt. “I am proud to join MRB Group to design and implement engineering solutions that will help communities become stronger and more resilient,” he added.

MRB Group team members serve as design professionals for many communities in Central Texas and surrounding areas. Most recently, as architect/engineer of record for the $113 million Bell County Jail expansion, multiple county-wide flood studies, emergency response facilities, and numerous water and wastewater infrastructure projects, to name a few.

“MRB Group has been providing solutions for communities for nearly a century, mainly because of our desire to recruit and retain staff with exceptional talents like Saleel and Armand who support our community and clients,” said Taylor.

“Our clients put their trust in our performance,” he continued, “and we see every project as an opportunity to exceed expectations.”

MRB Group is one of the oldest engineering, architecture, and planning firms serving municipalities in the US. Its roots date back to 1927 in Rochester, NY, where the firm’s headquarters remain today. In addition to four offices in New York and three in Texas, the firm also serves the Southeast region in Charleston, South Carolina.

MRB Group’s team of over 140 engineers, architects, planners, and technical staff serves more than 175 local governments and governmental entities. For more information, visit www.mrbgroup.com.