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In the past three months, MRB Group’s Architecture and Engineering teams have been expanding so quickly in Temple, TX, that the firm recently added a new administrative coordinator to help manage the increasing work flow.

Debbie Hopper-Latta has joined MRB Group as an Administrative Assistant, and will be greeting clients in the firm’s Temple office location on 31st Street.

According to President Ryan Colvin, PE, Hopper-Latta’s experience includes significant experience in the industry, including over twenty-five years in marketing, sales, management, finance, banking and accounting.

“Debbie will support our clients directly as the first face they meet at MRB Group,” said Colvin.  “Her familiarity with engineering and architecture needs will be helpful in facilitating quick and thorough responses to questions that arise during projects,” he continued.

Colvin explained that MRB Group utilizes a Project Manager-form of client services.  He says that even though MRB Group has over 100 team members, the model provides the benefits of an enhanced, one-to-one relationship within a multi-disciplined environment.

“When projects are managed by many different people, municipal clients sometimes find it hard to identify the best source of information needed to respond to residents – something that must happen immediately,” Colvin said.

MRB Group’s approach is to instead assign a single contact for all projects, helping to foster a centralized databank for reliable information.  The rest of MRB Group’s team support that sole client contact, ready to step in and assist at any given time.

“The net effect is better service,” says Colvin.  “With this model of communication, community leaders can get immediate responses from their project manager – that are sensitive to the context residents have in mind.  Their project manager is personally familiar with their community’s unique perspective, with its needs, and with residents’ concerns,” Colvin continued.

“Our pledge for clear communication allows us to provide better answers and more helpful information,” Colvin said.  “The feedback from our clients is one of appreciation,” he stated.

Hopper-Latta will help MRB Group’s clients maintain the level of contact needed by assisting with coordination of communication both in and out of the office.  She will also assist project managers and clients with administrative tasks associated with projects.

“We welcome community members to stop in and meet Debbie,” said Tanya Mikeska-Reed, Senior Architect in the Temple office.  She will be working closely with Debbie to provide critical information in response to requests for proposals.  “It’s always nice to see a smiling face at MRB Group,” Mikeska-Reed said.  “The best part is that she is highly qualified to provide helpful and timely answers,” Mikeska-Reed said.

“Strong and transparent governance is all about providing reliable information to residents,” Colvin continued.  “Debbie will be a central resource for both internal and external information requests. Her role will be critical, and we are fortunate to have someone with her high level of capability and impressive communication skills,” Colvin said.

MRB Group has served communities throughout New York State and in Central Texas for more than 90 years, providing engineering, architecture, and municipal services to support and strengthen local governments and public utility services.  The firm currently works with more than 150 cities, towns, villages, counties and municipal utility districts, providing long term strategic planning and economic development services, as well as assisting with management of critical resources and day-to-day operations like water and wastewater treatment.  MRB Group supports a variety of public works functions, provides architecture for maintenance and rehabilitation of public facilities, and advises municipal staff and planning boards to support strategic community and economic development.