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Highland Meadows Lift Station

The Highland Meadows Lift Station is located within the Highland Meadows development, which is generally south and east of the intersection of US Hwy 183 and US Hwy 29 in Williamson County, Texas. The station was designed to meet Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) requirements for acceptance by the City of Liberty Hill.


The lift station provides service for approximately 670 Living Unit Equivalents (LUEs) over a service area of approximatley 107 acres. The station is sized to provide a capacity of 600 gpm, with two submersible pumps each sized for this capacity. The project includes an 8-inch diameter ductile iron pipe force main approximately 5,400 feet long, which is connected to the headworks at the City of Liberty Hill WWTP.


The design provides for two 25 Hp submersible pumps in a 10-foot diameter polymer concrete wet well. The design also includes a 11 x 14 ft valve vault, transformer, 100 kW generator, 17 x 10 ft CMU block electrical building, flowmeter and meter vault, RPZ and jib crane. Construction was completed in 2016.