MRB Group President and CEO Ryan Colvin announced that Richard Garcia, PE, has been chosen to lead the firm’s continuing expansion in South Carolina as Southeast Engineering Manager.

Based in MRB Group’s Charleston office, Garcia will work closely with municipalities across the state.  His role will include coordinating the firm’s engineering capabilities with its SmarterLocalGov team, providing “wrap-around” services to communities, strengthening their local governments and making them more sustainable.

Garcia is a 35-year veteran in the engineering field, having worked in the federal, municipal, and commercial markets managing projects and relationships among stakeholders, engineers, construction firms, and regulatory agencies.  Originally a native of Caracas, Garcia moved to the US as a teenager.  He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering at The Citadel, graduating in 1986.  He is licensed as a professional engineer in South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, and Georgia.  Garcia is also accredited with the US Green Building Council’s LEED AP certification.

“Richard is the synergy-builder that makes projects successful,” Colvin stated.

“His experience is exactly what local governments need in South Carolina,” continued Colvin.  “Not only is his project leadership critical, but his unique skills make a significant difference to communities with limited resources, who want to gain a competitive advantage,” he said.

Garcia says that MRB Group’s SmarterLocalGov concept enhances its engineering services and is unique in the marketplace.  He believes it can strengthen small communities and their leadership.

“I can see the potential for MRB Group to be a game-changer for local governments,” said Garcia.  “Providing grant writing, strategic planning tools and economic development services does more than support traditional engineering and infrastructure maintenance.  It shifts everything towards long-term financial stability,” he continued.  “I look forward to helping municipal leaders plan for Smart Growth, affordable housing, and efficient services.”

This should be welcome news to community leaders, many of whom have struggled to maintain budgets and take care of critical community assets with dwindling resources.  MRB Group started building its SmarterLocalGov team and specialized services in 2011, in response to the need for affordable tools and information that typically are exclusive to cities with a large staff.

“We help small to mid-sized communities manage growth, stretch their annual budgets, and do more with less.  Richard will lead that charge in the South Carolina region, and help communities address long-standing challenges with a fresh approach and new resources,” Colvin said.

MRB Group is one of the oldest engineering and architecture firms in the northeast, with roots that date back to 1927.   Specializing in municipal services, MRB Group supports communities throughout the United States.  The firm’s team of nearly 125 engineers, architects, planners, and technical staff currently works with more than 150 local governments, supporting operations and assisting with long term strategic plans, planning and zoning board support, and economic development services.  MRB Group assists with a variety of public works functions, provides architecture for rehabilitation of public facilities, and works closely with municipal leaders and staff to preserve and maintain critical community infrastructure, like water and wastewater systems.