Farmington Pedestrian Bridges

As the Town Engineer, MRB Group continues to play a significant role in the development activity taking place in the Town of Farmington.

Located just 20 minutes west of the City of Rochester, Farmington is one of the fastest-growing communities in Upstate New York.  Town officials maintain that the rapid growth is “by design,” and is the result of excellent planning and collaboration between the town’s leadership, its staff, Town Planner Ron Brand, and MRB Group.

In order to continue to attract a more health and wellness-focused and environmentally-conscious generation, the Town of Farmington has proactively developed a long-term master plan to support creation and maintenance of parks and recreation trails that join several of its subdivisions.  MRB Group provides ongoing planning support as well as engineering and design services.

Working in conjunction with the neighboring towns of Canandaigua and Victor, the Town will ultimately connect its trail system with the Auburn Trail, a long-term plan supported by the State to link communities across much of Western New York.

Two pedestrian bridges, located in the subdivisions of Monarch Manor and Lillybrook Court, provide safe and attractive footing across wetland/creeks, and further the expansion of the town’s network of parks and trails, an amenity that has proven to support growth and development.

An outgrowth of the Town of Farmington Comprehensive Plan and Park Master Plan, incentive zoning was adopted by the Town to encourage development that is compatible with the Town’s long-term strategy for growth.  According to the Town, the incentive has produced a source of revenue from development that supports creation of parks, trails, and bridges, such as the new pedestrian crossings at Monarch Manor and Lillybrook Court.