City of Mart Wastewater Treatment Plant

MRB Group completed the design of improvements to the City’s WWTP under the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program.

The City’s WWTP has experienced many instances of overflow from the existing headworks, which consists of a manual bar screen located in the influent channel. MRB Group designed a mechanically cleaned bar screen that will provide automatic cleaning of the screen, and allow staff to handle other responsibilities. The headworks was reconfigured to install the mechanical screen and allow for a by-pass to the existing manual bar screen in accordance with State rules.

The second portion of the project consisted of renovations to the existing Influent Lift Station. This Lift Station is a fiberglass wet well with two submersible pumps. The piping and pumps inside the wet well had deteriorated over the years to the point that the pipes have visible holes and the pumps were working at a diminished capacity. The project was designed to replace all worn out parts and pumps inside the existing wet well.

In addition, a hydraulic analysis of the WWTP indicated that plant overflows were also possible as a result of undersized gravity sewers connecting the various plant unit processes including from the oxidation ditch to clarifiers, from clarifiers to chlorine contract and from chlorine contact to discharge. The project design included upsizing of these lines to provide a capacity more consistent with plant capabilities.