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Christoval Community Park

The City of Christoval, Texas is located just south of San Angelo in Tom Green County, and is a community of approximately 500 residents nestled along the South Concho River. In the early 1900s it was bustling with hotels and shops, a Baptist encampment built along the spring- fed river attracted 10,000 visitors annually. Some seeking a cure from the mineral springs that fed its two bath houses, making it the first wellness center in the state.

Although most of the hotels and shops have disappeared, the beauty of the river remains and its continuity is part of a long-range plan to bring the community back to its heritage as part of Revitalize Christoval.

MRB Group was hired to Master Plan and provide conceptual and fund-raising documents for the historic community park. This scope includes a variety of sidewalks and pedestrian walkways in and around the park. First, there is a series of internal park trails, meandering to and from the pockets of the proposed park, from playground equipment to picnic tables and other notable nodes. Secondly there are neighborhood walks that connect the park to the surrounding residential homes in the area. And last there is a vital pedestrian walkway that separates the park and the neighborhood from Loop 110.

The MRB Group staff is also working closely with Tom Green County writing Grant Applications and acting as a liaison for the City of Christoval with the Parks and Wildlife Department to secure funding for Christoval and two other community parks in the area.