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We’re living in unprecedented circumstances!  New guidelines and mandates are being issued daily, and MRB Group continues to monitor the evolving public health crisis and government response.

You are no doubt aware that the State has ordered new closures and staff reductions that target non-essential services.  As I shared in Monday’s communication, we recognize that municipal services must continue through a crisis.  Now, more than ever, you are under a tremendous amount of pressure to keep your community safe, and to keep critical services running smoothly.

As your professional services provider, MRB Group’s assistance and support of your operations are also essential services and will continue without interruption.  We remain available to assist you in with our pledge that the full complement of our staff will maintain our accessibility, and if needed, our presence alongside your team.

We’ve planned continuity procedures and are utilizing technology that keeps us in close communication with each other and with clients.  Our personnel are mobilized with all the same tools that we use to support clients daily.  We’ve incorporated “social distancing” without compromising our effectiveness as your municipal support team.

While the needs of our client communities during these strange and stressful circumstances may seem anything but “normal”, we want you to know that MRB Group’s continued support will not change.  In the face of this adversity, we pledge to remain a source of strength, stability and security for you.

Please call if you have any questions, or need additional support.




Ryan T. Colvin, PE


MRB Group