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The Municipal Association of South Carolina prepared a list of engineering firms it deems the most qualified to provide water and sewer system improvements that local governments can select from for the completion of projects spurred by American Rescue Plan Act funding. This list may be used by local governments without needing to use additional procurement processes. This will allow the local governments to move forward more quickly with completing their projects once funding is received.

This solicitation of qualifications from qualified engineering firms was for engineering services necessary to implement projects related to water and sewer projects, including without limitation as follows:

Water Line Extension, Water Line Replacement, Sewer Line Rehabilitation, Sewer Line Replacement, Sewer Line Extensions, Wastewater Lift/Pump Station and/or Force Main Repairs/Replacement/New Facilities, Water Treatment Facility Improvements, Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements, system evaluation, or other water and sewer system improvements as may be needed by the local government.

Read More: https://www.masc.sc/Pages/resources/American-Rescue-Plan-Act-Qualified-Engineering-Firms-for-Water-and-Sewer-Projects.aspx

Article Posted by Municipal ASsociation of South Carolina